Enter the raffle and be in with a chance of winning the Intruder XL…

From its conception over a century ago, Caterpillar has been at the forefront of technological
progress in pursuit of building the world around us. Designing and engineering construction
equipment, innovation is in the brand’s DNA. Today, at the dawning of a new tech era, Cat
Footwear continues this innovation evolution, taking ever-greater strides into the future with
the Intruder XL, a super limited style, showcasing of the evolution of sneakers.

Today, Cat Footwear launch a new hyper-futuristic, hi-tech version of the
brand’s overbuilt, chunky sneaker — the Intruder — with the launch of the Intruder XL. A
limited-edition sneaker, with only 250 pairs in existence worldwide, the Intruder XL
represents the future of sneakers, interpreted by a brand with a rich work heritage and an
engineering spirt. In five hyper–real bright colourways, the silhouette, which is entirely
translucent through the use of mono-meshes and transparent parts, also features varying,
contrasted surface textures and finishes. In addition, the style includes exaggerated 3D
details, using industrial inspired graphics and shapes which creates an icon truly reimagined
for the metaverse and a brand-new digital world.
Cat Footwear are giving a chance for 20 lucky winners (10 in each the UK and USA) to claim
a pair of the super limited Intruder XL in a prize raffle, which opens today. With only 250
pairs worldwide this is the one and only chance for members of the public to obtain this
super exclusive sneaker, with the winners announced on the April 3rd.

To celebrate the launch of Cat Footwear’s most limited-edition sneaker to date, they have
teamed up content creators Finn Rush-Taylor, Jasmin Kaur Sehra, Tegan Price and Lisa
Lutgen to tease the Intruder XL sneaker ahead of the raffle winners being announced!
Finn Rush-Taylor @finnrushtaylorstudio – Specialising in footwear design and heading up
a VR Studio creating artwork from a digital lens
Jasmin Kaur Sehra @jasminsehra – Illustrator and graphic designer whose work
specialises in bold lettering, customisation and GIFS
Tegan Price @byteganprice – Creative and illustrator who’s known for her custom and
colourful designs across fashion and sneakers
Lisa Lutgen @lisalutgen – Artist whose work explores feminism, identity and culture, her
work is expressed with a playful yet serious tone.
The Intruder XL raffle opens Today and ends April 3, with just 10 pairs available to be
won in the UK and 10 to be won in the USA, from only 250 worldwide at


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