Inspired by a desire to shed ourselves of norms, conventions and systems in search of our own authenticity and happiness; Fall 2023 explores the development of thought and how an idea can grow into a life fully authentic to oneself.

Using the analogy of a seed planted, growing, transforming and eventually blossoming into its fully developed beauty is the subtle narrative used to convey this personal journey.

The collection begins with a seed of thought. The nurtured idea extends its supple roots and vines to break through hard trodden cracks of the earth. Across the collection this is reflected in details with deep splits and irregular lacing, representing the wandering of a seedlings first journey through the fractures in the soil, a reminder that anything of great worth requires perseverance. Silhouettes across shirts, dresses, trousers and knitwear are long and extended.

Once root has taken, the idea begins to bud. Influenced by its surroundings, the young idea sheds itself of preordained conventions and transforms into something new that suits its current state. Double layered elements in outerwear and transformable trousers fall away or detach completely, while dresses and shirts hang off the body in a delicate balance, as if ready to drop at any moment. Like a bud, detailing across these pieces reference the expectations that must be discarded to allow growth.

Once the idea sheds itself of the conventions it was confined to, it can open up, allowing authenticity to blossom. Here, joyous flounces reference the decadence of floral grandeur, applied across the cuffs, sleeves, hem lines and in some pieces fully encompassing the body. These majestic shapes, across dresses shirts and separates, are intricately crafted through the application of crinoline (typically a couture finishing) giving the flounces life, body and movement.

While the collection explores a floral narrative, the fabric and colour palate remains neutral and grounded in earth tones, allowing innovative pattern cutting and silhouettes to shine. Cottons in shades of cream and birch, wools and viscoses in ivory, dark umber and black and faux leathers in forest green mix effortlessly with classic white and blue striped shirting which palmer//harding is known for.

Credits: Art Direction & Styling: Natalie Brewster // Photography: Rory Payne // Set: Penny Mills // Hair: Maki Tanaka // Beauty: Verity Cumming // Casting: Paul Isaac // Talent: Bianca O’Brien @IMG, Morgan Fernandez @Models1, Anamaria Cioboata @PRM

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