Sustainable Streetwear Brand Broken Planet drop their first collection of the year with unrivalled statement hoodies in three colourways. The new drop perfectly encapsulates the ethos of Broken Planet and is demonstrative of why their brand has risen so rapidly.

The capsule collection includes the newest rendition of their statement planet zip-up hoodie in a Soot Black colourway with white graphics and new custom zippers, as well as a woven beanie hat showcasing the same infamous planet graphic. Their signature puff print graphics return on Space Blue, Soot Black and Cobalt Blue colourways with the titles ‘Into The Abyss’ and ‘Trapped In Time’ spread across the chests and matching sweatpants available to buy in all three. The puff print adds texture to the hoodies, while the concise slogans appeal to BP’s other-worldly ambitions. The ‘Trapped In Time’ hoodie also features detailing on the back, where a portal is depicted along with the text ‘no way back’.

Broken Planet conclude the collection by restocking a firm fan favourite from February 2022. The ‘Alone But Not Lonely’ hoodie has been a highly requested return ever since Broken Planet’s Valentines Day drop almost 1 year ago and now gives customers the chance to purchase in their new heavier weight material. 

BP have developed a signature aesthetic that incorporates oversized fits with unique graphics and typography, and this collection has taken this formula to a new level. Moreover, the company looks to create garments using recycled materials, along with producing products in limited quantities to avoid waste and over saturation. There will also be the 11th iteration of their extremely limited Friends and Family raffle pieces available, which only 15 lucky people are chosen to win, raising money for their Broken Planet foundation. 

Speaking about the collection, Broken Planet founders Lukas Žvikas and Indrė Narbutaitė state, “after deciding on the name of this collection a few months ago and finalising all designs, we wanted to find a photoshoot location that would match the collection’s theme well. We had never been to Italy for a shoot and thought Rome would be the perfect location because of its thousands of years of history and essentially being ‘Trapped in Time’ itself. We always aim to match the locations to our collections to create a bigger impact across our social media and we love the little details of when they coincide like this.”

“The new collection rollout kicked off with the usual Broken Planet animation which showed the brand’s main character, Mr Skeleton, getting sucked into a portal and ending up ‘Trapped in Time’. We’ll have to wait and see what happens with Mr Skeleton’s journey through space next month!”

This drop looks set to continue Broken Planet’s extra-terrestrial rise in the streetwear space and will be available exclusively on their website on Sunday 29th January at 8pm UK Time.

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