Multidisciplinary Asian artist, Kuma Overdose, tells VIPER all about his favourite mixtape – and it’s a great choice btw…

What’s your favourite mixtape ever?

‘Yes Lawd!’ By Nxworries [Anderson Paak x Knxwledge]

Why is it so significant to you?

It literally shaped the way to approach songwriting for me. As an all-in-one musician who does literally everything from producing to writing to mixing, I really looked up to this tape as I grew these few years. The soul is there, you know.

Were there any artists or producers that you discovered through this tape?

Knxwledge, who is the co-star of the tape. He flips samples like Gordon flips steaks, that good.

Where exactly were you when you heard the mixtape for the first time?

At a cookout in my friend’s backyard (My friend cooks some bomb carnitas btw)

Did it come into your life at a significant time?

It hit me harder than a wrecking ball.

How did the mixtape cover make you feel?

Sensational. Absolutely sensational. I felt like I was riding a flying buffalo through the wonders of the world.

Describe the mixtape in three words?

Oh, my, days.

What song is your personal favourite?

‘Can’t Stop’ but I find the favourite song question to be so hard to answer.

If you could put a price on this mixtape, how much would you pay?

$420.69 (Tax included)

Did you have a physical copy?

Yes lawd I do, a limited one too actually.


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