Sustainable fashion brand Broken Planet has collaborated with the UK’s leader in sneakers and streetwear, Kick Game, to produce an exclusive apparel drop which will take place at immersive pop-ups within Kick Game’s stores, starting in Covent Garden on the 10th of December. The collection features four tracksuits in exclusive designs and colourways, as well as a limited number of ‘friends and family’ pieces.

The drop will take place on one day only at each location, where the stores will be transformed into a Broken Planet landscape, a fully immersive experience, with 3D-printed planets, moon rocks, and skeleton heads – completely transforming Kick Game’s modern stores into an extraterrestrial destination. 

The Broken Planet collection encapsulates the ethos of the brand and offers variety through the graphics and typography used on the hoodies. The blue tracksuit with white detailing features the Broken Planet logo, while the other colourways feature slogans such as ‘Am I the only one?’, or ‘infinite realities’. BP has always taken inspiration from outer space, and this exclusive tracksuit selection promises to be out of this world. 

Led by partners Lukas Žvikas and Indrė Narbutaitė, Broken Planet was founded in 2020 during the pandemic and have rapidly become one of the U.K.’s fastest-growing streetwear brands, amassing over 50,000 customers worldwide. Their oversized, graphic-heavy silhouettes make the brand highly recognisable in today’s streetwear scene. The fledgling brand is emphasising the importance of creating garments using recycled materials, along with producing products in limited quantities to avoid waste and over saturation. Broken Planet have managed to build a connection with their customers and base a community around their products, with over 100,000 customers worldwide. Their stunning growth was evidenced by their ‘Alternate Dimensions’ pop up event in July that drew in crowds of over 2500 people and saw BP enthusiasts camp overnight to get their hands on their release.

Rob, Founder of Kick Game quotes, “Cementing Kick Game in the streetwear scene with back to back collaborations shows the strength of the brand’s name. From a longstanding iconic brand such as Bape, to the modern generations must have – Broken Planet’s hype is monumental, and we can’t wait to see this collaboration sell out in record time”

Kick Game is driving demand for limited edition sneakers and streetwear clothing and is targeting sales of over £50 million by the end of 2022.  Streetwear is gaining momentum across the globe and Kick Game is eager to increase visibility and accessibility of high-end, rare streetwear and sneakers throughout the UK, Europe and further abroad. Kick Game has become synonymous with sneaker culture and is renowned for producing leading content across its YouTube and social channels, where their videos have had millions of views.

The apparel release will take place at the first pop-up at Kick Game in Covent Garden on the 10th of December, with further pop ups planned at Kick Game stores nationwide. The pop up will move to Birmingham on the 14th, Manchester on the 16th, and finally Newcastle on the 18th of December.  Ticketed time-slots will be released and are recommended to ensure customers do not miss out.

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