British menswear brand Percival have joined forces with Instagram food sensations Taste Cadets, and hot sauce champions Flying Goose to release an exclusive collection. The collaboration perfectly encapsulates the ethos of all three brands, and is set to be released on the 6th of December both in-store and online. 

The collection celebrates the iconic logo of Flying Goose Sriracha, which features heavily on both the football shirts as the ‘sponsor’ and features the Taste Cadets logo. The two football inspired pieces come in two colourways, one in black with a buttoned collar, and one in light blue with a crewneck, both featuring a geometric chevron pattern that brings the shirt to life. Furthermore, Taste Cadets are represented on the trim of the tracksuit in the collection, with their name running through the blue tape on the black tracksuit.

The collection has been brought to life in a promotional video featuring the Taste Cadets. In the short, low resolution clip, you can see the boys becoming possessed by a Flying Goose, causing them to grow feathers and take on the appearance of the goose.

The collaboration brings together the signature styles of all three brands, and plays into Percival’s style of subverting the culture of fashion and bringing a sense of humour into their collections – check it out below.

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