Inspired by the unbeatable earthmoving equipment of Caterpillar Inc. then, now and always. Authenticity and industrial heritage are the beating heart of this collaboration so they have built the collection on the same production lines as CAT Footwear’s iconic work boots. Featuring two footwear styles: Utah and Omaha, named after D-Day beaches cleared by the Seabees using Caterpillar machinery.

From 1941, Caterpillar machinery was a right-hand partner for the US Navy Seabees, the construction battalion, famous for their ability to build anything, anywhere. That spirit powers our collaboration with cult British designer Nigel Cabourn.

Cabourn is inspired by stories of real people in history, military and vintage workwear. His motivation doesn’t stem from fashion trends, but from a love for quality and for the product itself: timeless styles, considered down to the last detail. That’s why Cat Footwear and Cabourn are the perfect match, a shared passion for durability, function and everyday utility. And a respect for provenance.


Utah: £220

Omaha: £190

The CAT Footwear x Nigel Cabourn collection is now available online.       

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