London-based contemporary silk brand, Ning Dynasty launch their first core collection this November in a campaign fronted by activist and model, Kai Isaiah Jamal celebrating non-gendered silk shirting.

Founded by Ning Yuan as an homage to the 5,000-year-old art of Chinese silk craft, which stretches back through her family line, Ning Dynasty make non-gendered shirts from the highest quality 100% Mulberry silk, under a long-term partnership with Beijing-based Huangjin – the world’s only silk producer bearing the Forbidden Palace seal.

With the launch of a core selection, in a slick campaign featuring Kai Isaiah Jamal, the brand look to cement themselves as a link between the heritage of Chinese craftsmanship and a new generation of open-minded individuals no longer boxed in by boundaries or traditions.

Each shirt is accessibly priced between £550 and £590 in relation to high-quality silk shirts within the market. This launch marks Ning Dynasty as the go-to contemporary silk wear brand in today’s street luxury market. 

Check out some of their collection below.

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