Patta, Experimental Jetset and Converse teamed up on a new shoe, inspired by unexpected city exploration. For this collaboration the trio brought their elevated approach and vision to the table to create a unique Chuck 70 Hi.

On this Chuck 70, Experimental Jetset puts a psychogeographic spin with an aesthetic of metropolitan maps and directional signage. The idea of psychogeography is to defy the prescriptive directions leading you through a city, and instead drift, explore and wander in a more natural, free-flowing way. 

The Chuck 70 has its roots in basketball, but soon achieved iconic levels in the world of sneakers. A shoe that allows you to move smoothly, wherever the streets take you. Go for a walk, wander with no destination. Reject the autopilot routes you typically travel and explore based on impulse. This collaboration is about the sneakers, but also where you take them. Right is left. Left is right. South is north. North is south.

Patta and Experimental Jetset are no strangers to each other, having worked on projects in the past. Same goes for Converse, their long-time partnership has produced iconic items throughout the years. Echoing the design language of all three entities, the sneaker shows Patta signature details, Experimental Jetset’s take on psychogeography and an iconic Converse sneaker.

The Chuck 70 design utilizes a stark white canvas and foxing with vivid blue and red arrows and text that distorts their meaning. The sneaker has a canvas upper with screen-printed graphic, a custom co-branded tongue, a co-branded sockliner, a graphic outsole and the Experimental Jetset license plate.

Founded in 1997 in Amsterdam, Experimental Jetset is a small, independent, graphic design studio with a simple mantra: “turning language into objects.” The studio’s modern style focuses on printed matter and conceptual, site-specific installations. Their work is recognised globally and featured in exhibitions at world-renowned institutions. 

Check out the shoe in the gallery below.

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