Motivational Designer ‘CLAUDETTE‘ announces official brand collaboration with game-changing e-commerce and styling platform ‘Threads‘. A popular name in the fashion-tech realm, Threads launched this February with a new website featuring collections from luxury designers, and fine jewellery brands bond passion and design with CLAUDETTE’s emotive, and expressionist touch. Fresh from a very recent, and still very hot A/W22 release, Claudette and Threads Styling joined forced to create a collaborative masterpiece that presents itself in the form of a cut ‘n’ sewn and a premium heavyweight 100% brush-fleece fabric in a tasteful cream, designed in Kuwait, Middle East. The existing, and founding home of sister-duo designer Claudette. The limited edition release also delivers two styles of loosely cut hoodies, each made different with a custom, and spray-painted graphic back-piece. The spray-painted back piece design is officially being released in a very limited number of just x20 pieces. On the front, the hoodie carries a notable blend of screenprinting and embroidery to offer a variety of textures felt across the emotive design.

Claudette’s integral mark is reflected on the lower left sleeve, and features “I Fall But I Get Back Up” in a deep orange embroidery.

Claudette Designer & Founder, Layan Al-Dabbous and the Threads design team provoked the idea of the collaboration after wanting to create something special, and bespoke for Threads’ ever-growing community of luxury, modern-day consumers, who are in more control of the shopping experience, including where they find inspiration from. As a direct answer, and through the Threads platform, Claudette does nothing more than inspire and provide wholesome clothing with a meaningful and lasting story.

“I designed this hoodie swat pant combination with threads as a friendly reminder that life will always present us with different challenges but that we are more than capable of overcoming although hard at times”Layan Al-dabbous / CLAUDETTE

Want to make your winter wardrobe worth getting excited over? Tap into @claudettethebrand on social media, and browse the new collaboration online now at Threadsstyling.com

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