Stay tuned for Autumn Beat, an Amazon Original feature film from Antonio Dikele Distefano.

This Italian coming-of-age drama is set to be a historical milestone for Italy with the first all black Italian cast ever – including author and director – portraying the lives of second generation black Italians in an aspirational light and celebrating black culture. Autumn Beat debuts alongside a number of freestyles from rappers around Europe, including K-Trap for the UK.

Rap music is the key driving force behind the movie as it is built around a non-linear narrative of two brothers, Tito and Paco, who have dreams of success in the Rap world. Drawing inspiration from films like Moonlight by Barry Jenkins, the movie shows the character’s growth from brothers and sons to fathers.

Centred around the release, the author Antonio Dikele Distefano is also sharing a number of freestyles from different regions in Europe explaining: “The choice to involve rappers from all over Europe with bespoke freestyles related to the movie comes from a dream: unite afro-descendant communities in one ‘Afro-European’ culture. We, in fact, often create divisions within countries forgetting that we are all on the same path. ‘Autumn Beat’ speaks about the experiences of Afro-descendants in Italy but they are similar to the ones happening in Sweden, France or Germany, hence me providing them a voice to speak their truth.”

Autumn Beat is set for release on November 10th on Amazon Prime.

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