One of the newest and brightest young talents emerging from Jamaica, Kraff aka “Budduchop” is becoming one of the most talented amongst his peers. If he’s not in your playlist, then read this because he’s making a lot of noise and we’re putting you on first…

Coming from the north side of the island in Ocho Rios, Kraff hails from the 3rd Eye Camp, with the likes of Deep Jahi and Pablo YG. Known for his unique style, he’s among the favourites in the emerging sounds of Jamaica’s Trap Dancehall scene. 

Breaking onto the scene with hits like ‘Dinero’, ‘Pain’ and ‘Dawkiss Life’ featuring SVM, he continues to make his mark on the Dancehall scene with a mix of unique melodies and catchy lyrics; Kraff’s sound is truly one of a kind.

With recent songs like ‘OG Bobby Johnson’ produced by Droptop Records and the newest one, ‘Rage’ produced by SulfaGe Records – one of the newest producers on the scene – it’s no question that Kraff Budduchop is impressing some influential tastemakers in Jamaicas’s music scene.  

Words by Homar Davis 

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