No. Signal and Dr. Martens are working together on a series pairing six of the UK’s most exciting grassroots artists who are making waves within the UK music scene, to talk with each other on their music, collaboration, and creative process.

Born out of lockdown, No Signal has quickly moved from strength to strength, breaking the rules of radio and growing to a conglomerate of people – a creative hub of individuals – working across audio, video, and various creative mediums to document the black British experience. Alongside Dr. Martens, a brand synonymous with rebellious self-expression, both join forces to do what they do best, scouting and championing the best of emerging talent, creating a radio takeover across none other than their Wavelengths show hosted by No Signal’s very own Scully this Autumn.

Over the coming month, Scully will be joined by budding talent Arytn, George Riley, BXKS, Scuti, B3nga and Len, for a series of mini weekly shows that celebrate and excite, with the aim to create a space for growth and to celebrate the future leaders of the music scene. Showing you how best to wear the latest arrivals from the DM’s Utility Wear collection, from a contemporary classic of the Combs Tech boot to the new season silhouette built on an exaggerated 2.1” Tarian sole, the Boury boot, each individual is bringing to the table something different, making waves and carving their own path.

This Autumn/Winter 2022 Dr. Martens introduces an innovative generation of silhouettes that take inspiration from the DMs core DNA – elevated and enhanced for new horizons and evolved radicals. It’s the innovative construction with a taste for the unconventional. And it is built for the wearers who want to shake the system. 

“The energy between Dr. Martens and No Signal is being able to stand out, stand forward, and say – this is who I am. This is what I do. And this is how I’m gonna do it” – Scully, No Signal Wavelength’s host.

Kicking off with a campaign film by Creative Director, Kelvin Jones, and stills by Chad McLean, we are excited to announce that the series will be coming live on air to you on a weekly basis via No Signal channels- with the first episode set to go live today, Tuesday 1st November.

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