Northwest London’s Malzo is bringing an elevated and refined flair to UK rap. Since his first release “WYS” in 2019, it has all been about strategy and persistence for Malzo. He has curated a sound and lane to thrive in, setting himself apart from other upcoming rappers.

Inspired by those around him, Malzo and his friends including fellow artists Central Cee, Lil Macks and Twenny all focus on the importance of producing good quality music, building community, and staying true to themselves. 

From his distinctive production choices and crisp visuals to the way he blends street rap chronicles and melodic, smooth trap, Malzo is gearing up towards being a revered name in UK rap, and he is not just stopping here. His most recent releases “Ion Party” and “Ran Off” featuring Lil Macks have shown immense growth in his music and direction as an artist. 

Alongside music, Malzo is a part of the ‘Never Had Sponsors’ (NHS) movement and collective, which he describes as a way of life and collaborating with those around you. Everything produced by the collective is self-funded and pursued independently without industry backing. The growth of Malzo and NHS is a measure of how much can be achieved with your friends, which is something many creatives and artists can relate to. In relation to community, Malzo was also featured in a campaign by west London based streetwear brand Corteiz, emphasising the significance of collaboration. 

Malzo is a rapper who should be on everyone’s radars because his focus on quality and not quantity is something that reverberates throughout his music and journey. His meticulousness with releases, style and visuals are testament to how determined he is to be successful and have longevity. We have no doubts that Malzo is putting in the work to establish himself further in the UK and take it beyond.


Words by Naz Hamdi

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