Kick Game have rapidly become the go-to destination for touring American artists when visiting the United Kingdom. The sneaker retailer has established its presence across multiple social media platforms, especially TikTok and YouTube, where their ‘Sneaker Shopping’ videos have amassed millions of views.

Due to its social media presence and position as a leader in streetwear culture, with an immense connection to its customers and fans, Kick Game has become a desired destination for artists to support their releases and for sustained music success, cultural relevance and credibility. 

Using the Kick Game stores as a platform for album signings, as well as meeting their fans, Kick Game has been pivotal for artists such as Burna Boy, Central Cee, and Knucks – supporting them to reach the upper echelons of the album charts. Knucks and Burna Boy recently reached number 2 in the UK charts, while Central Cee secured a number 1.

Furthermore, this makes the artists more accessible to their fans and helps demonstrate Kick Game as a must-visit store for artists and fans alike.

Kick Game have already forged relationships with American artists, including Jack Harlow, Key Glock, and Fivio Foreign. As the retailer continues to grow its brand across the United Kingdom and Europe, it makes perfect sense for touring American artists to collaborate with Kick Game in order to expand their audience and be associated with a brand that prides itself on quality and exclusivity.

Viper selected our fave episodes of Kick Game featuring American and other international artists – check them out below.

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