In the 1950s, Levi’s® had a label called Denim Family that featured a range of denim jackets, trousers, shirts, and dresses with a sportswear-like interpretation of traditional denim styles. And, importantly, it was designed as a collection that could outfit the whole family—mom, dad, and kids. First released last season, this new iteration of Denim Family gets an update for Fall/Winter 2022, continuing to reimagine this midcentury Levi’s® collection with a modern, genderless spin that perfectly blends past, present, and future.

Inspired by contemporary sportswear and utility wear, Denim Family is cleanly and simply constructed, but with an adventurous approach to silhouette. Bottoms are loose and wide legged while tops are soft-shouldered and drapey, giving the overall effect of an A-frame shape. The same denim fabric is used throughout the collection, and it features a rich, inky shade of indigo. And it was all designed to be not only genderless, but also to be mixed and matched, giving it a versatility in how each piece can be worn—either as a stand-alone style or as part of a layered look.

New elements this season include the Denim Cardigan, a drapey, denim take on the classic shawl collared cardigan sweater, a super wide leg Pleated Denim Pant, and a Hooded Smock with patch pockets that was inspired by an old military smock. There’s also the Boiler Suit, constructed like an old mechanic’s suit but with a voluminous leg shape created by centre pleats at the waist. Pleats also feature in the new Super Wide Pants, a voluminous wide leg denim pant that uses pleating details to create an extreme, structural silhouette.

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