Debuting the A/W22 collection with four gripping, and cinematic short films alongside dedicated separate campaigns, CLAUDETTE surpasses creative norms and interprets visually all four chapters of the collection story. Dreamed up, and lived out by creative sister duo Layan & Haya Al-dabbous, the CLAUDETTE ‘I See Things Clearer Now’ collection is one of many messages integral to the brand’s playful and passion-led character. 

Landing in the perfect time for the colder months, the  ‘I See Things Clearer Now’ collection delivers two tastefully designed tracksuits, presented in a cosmic cream for ‘CLAUDETTE’s Beach House’ and a lively aqua-blue for ‘Its Okay To Cry’. Both are finished by hand embroidery and a thick screen print as a stamp of only the finest quality, direct from Kuwait. The collection extends its offering with two dreamy cotton sweaters, championing playful chenille patch additions on a deep black sweater for ‘Earthly Pleasures’, and ends on final blushes of amethyst purple for the CLAUDETTE’s ‘Lifes Fun When You Don’t Care’ chapter.  

In 2022, story-telling and communication of a vision has never been so pure, see the examples set by CLAUDETTE as they take the viewer through an expressive series of capsule collections titled EARTHY PLEASURES, LIFE IS FUN WHEN YOU DON’T CARE, IT’S OKAY TO CRY & CLAUDETTE’S BEACH HOUSE, setting a meaningful tone and narrative, followed thread for thread in the provocative graphics carried throughout the collection.

Following the recent support of Nas, Dreya Mac, and Joanna Kutcha to name a few, the independent brand hailing from Kuwait continues to embrace pop and youth culture with its intricate, and dreamy baggy cuts-and-shapes, puffy screen print lettering and vibrant illustrations in the breakthrough seasonal drop now live, after many weeks of social teasers, agonising sneak peeks and global hype.

Browse the collection now as it arrives online at www.claudettethebrand.com and tap into @claudettethebrand on socials for drop info, and more releases.


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