Nottingham-based label LES GENS is propelling itself out of Northern England into the global fashion space, striving from keeping its creativity true, and the community at its core. Already becoming a familiar name in the events scene, Les Gens extends its arm to the underground community by collaborating with scene-shaping Garage DJ INTERPLANETARY CRIMINAL for a total shutdown of the Nottingham fashion quarter. Taking over the dance floor of Nottingham’s infamous Bar Eleven, a fond spot for the cities music, design and style cliques,’ LES GENS’ orchestrated a night to remember with exclusive DJ sets and lives provided by the regions spearheading line-up of all-star DJ talents including LUCKY, NIKKI D, D TRIPLE J + PANAR. 

LES GENS continues to pursue the DIY approach to fashion, music, and design. Organically growing its recognisable graphic artworks, heavyweight branded garments, and lifestyle through events and pop-up activations. Shying away from the exclusive attitude, LES GENS gets stuck in. With hundreds of guests across the course of the night, the brand accommodated the guest list of brand fans, social figures and some familiar faces in the Northern talent scene.  

The emerging label shows the ability to make streetwear authentic, whilst creating a community of like-minded individuals in the making. Bridging the gap for many creatives in the northern quarter, LES GENS humbles itself by collaborating with aspiring move-makers, and design-forward thinkers and providing an opportunity to become a part of a journey open for all. LES GENS now presents itself with a diverse and detailed A/W22 seasonal collection. Debuting an enriched design approach, and embracing a new perspective on its ever-developing artistic direction. 

Get acquainted with LES GENS in full, and stay tapped in on the latest releases, events and news from the emerging label. Stay connected on social media by following @lesgensclothing

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