Canadian luxury outerwear label Moose Knuckles has partnered with global superstar Post Malone for an exciting collaboration that has quietly been in the works for over a year. The two have joined forces to create a unique 10-piece gender-neutral capsule collection. The collection is available in adult sizes with select pieces also available in kids’ sizes.

The collaboration is a perfect match for the rebellious spirit Moose Knuckles brings to performance outerwear and Post Malone’s exuberant affinity for experimentation. A contrarian in his own distinct way, Post’s inventive style has become as much of an outlet of his self-expression as his genre-defying sound.

This partnership with Moose Knuckles felt super organic from the beginning. The collection is about celebrating and doing things your own way based on your natural instincts. I’m really proud of what we created, and I hope you all love it as much as we do.” – Post Malone, American Award-Winning Musician.

The campaign was shot at a Utah mountainside compound on a winter night earlier this year, embodying a luxury interpretation of survivalist cold weather performance dressing. The capsule collection features iconic Moose Knuckles silhouettes like the 3Q jacket reworked in Realtree™ camouflage print in black and golden yellow, the latter of which is a customised shade of the pattern created just for the collaboration. Known for its photo-realistic camo prints, Kentucky based Realtree™ has gained notoriety for its connection to a rural lifestyle, one that Post has grown fond of, that speaks to the theme of the campaign.

“Moose Knuckles’ collaboration with Post Malone was inspired by the fearless spirit we’ve all come to know and love about him. He’s a master collaborator in music and the same can be said for fashion. He’s a true visionary and was very involved throughout every step of the process. We shot everything on a hard flash in the dark woods, and it was the perfect environment. It really captured the irreverent, rockstar survivalist he is.” – Tu Ly, Vice President of Design, Moose Knuckles.

The Moose Knuckles X Post Malone collection features additional customised design details such as all black metal hardware, zippers, and a special edition logo. This logo is adorned on the core piece of the collection, 3Q jacket, which is one of Moose Knuckles’ most popular silhouettes and is masterfully engineered to provide the label’s highest cold weather protection rating. Other reinvented iconic pieces include the insulating “Bunny” hoodie in black sherpa with detachable lamb shearling hood, as well as a matching zip-up sherpa jacket and jogger. The accessory of the collection is an eye-catching sherpa baseball cap featuring a new circular Moose Knuckles logo patch.

Moose Knuckles will also include children’s styles for the first time in a collaboration, with Post Malone 3Qs available for the entire family. This category inclusion was inspired by Post’s close friend and Creative Director Bobby Greenleaf’s son, Jaxon Greenleaf. The synergy between Post and Jax forged them to become the focus of the Moose Knuckles X Post Malone campaign. As an industry shaker with an appreciation of power dressing in unexpected ways, Post’s addition is a welcome one for Moose Knuckles, who has long provided the classic 3Q for kids in its core collection as well.

“We set out to work with talent that intrinsically hold the same core values as us. Moose Knuckles x Post Malone is the truest form of an anti-luxury luxury collection. We’ve never taken ourselves too seriously and when we met Post, our energies instantly matched!” – Dominique Lagleva, Vice President, Global Marketing, Moose Knuckles

The Moose Knuckles X Post Malone collection ranges from £125 to £895. The highly anticipated collaboration will launch on September 29th, 2022, on Mooseknucklescanada.com, and exclusively at Harrods.

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