German luxury fashion house MCM has joined forces with London’s premium Grillz adornment leaders, MILK & HONEY LONDON, in a specialty collaboration that celebrates artisanal craftsmanship.

The limited edition capsule collection of tooth-gems marks a new product inception for both brands, with an offering that delivers exquisite tooth-embellishments.

Using traditional Goldsmiths’ methods, constructed from the finest, specialty-sourced 18k gold, all pieces are co-designed by MCM X MILK & HONEY LONDON and intricately produced by Grillz specialists MILK & HONEY LONDON in their studio, based in the renowned jewellery district of Hatton Garden.

These distinctive limited editions are available only in the UK and connect with MCM’s 45-year-strong legacy of pioneering self-expression, embracing the zeitgeist and progressive luxury. This union sees the continuation of MCM’s series of championing and spotlighting exceptional creatives through cross-arts partnerships and special projects.

These highly coveted, precious tooth-gems symbolise a moment of visual communication that heroes the UK’s strength of independent-lead artisanal innovation, while inviting all to embrace self-adornment for every tooth-type and smile.

Check out the gems below:

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