Mixed Media Artist & multidisciplinary creative EJ BAER announces his long-anticipated London Solo Show, presenting the title ‘COLOR 2 TEXTURE’ for the immersive 3-day exhibition. After pivoting the success of EJ BAER’s ’MIND2MIND’ solo show last summer on Kings Road, Chelsea, the artist since has been mastering his craft and deepening his fundamental outlook on his creations in more depth.

EJ BAER ‘COLOR 2 TEXTURE’ will be taking over the illustrious walls and space that is Sunny Arts Centre, an art institution sponsored by the Art Council England located on the historically rich Gray’s Inn Road, in the heart of London. Sunny Art Centre has established itself as a leader in the international art market, providing reliable and respected experts on the international art market. The Centre’s longstanding relationships with experts and institutions on a global scale allow for authoritative advice on contemporary art alongside old masters’ work and antiquities. The Centre also strives to expand its collection of works by sourcing artworks from outstanding collections.

The official ‘COLOR 2 TEXTURE’ show will present EJ BAER’s thought-provoking artworks, all shown for the very first time, expressing the connection between colour, and texture, and the incredible relationship
between the two words. EJ BAER’s craft stems from hypersensitivity to feelings and emotions. From a blank canvas to his final masterpieces, he expresses himself in such a way as to evoke conversation between and among viewers – highlighting the concept of turning something empty into a piece with a soul.

The family of artworks gives a new edge to EJ BAER’s perception of art, showcasing his new exploration of mixed media works, A curated collection, and ongoing progressive experimentation with materials and colours. “One of the focuses displayed in these works is a search for harmony, between the use of colours and balance of textures, exercised all by feeling & emotion…yet we don’t know their effects on us. However, there are studies on that matter that prove how complex and understudied the combination of colour and textures have an effect on our psyche.”EYTAN J BAER

Experience the visceral connection between colour and texture starting on 23rd June – 26th June 2022 At Sunny Arts Centre, 30 Grays Inn Road, WC1X 8HR – Public Hours 10:00 – 18:00

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