Lord Pusswhip is an Icelandic Hip-Hop producer who has worked with the likes of Slowthai and Kojey Radical. Now based in Los Angeles, Pusswhip has also scored the Adidas Originals x NBHD campaign. We sat down with him to discuss his favourite mixtape.

What’s your favourite mixtape ever?

I would say Blvcklvnd Rvdix 66.6 (1991) by SpaceGhostPurrp.

Why is it so significant to you?

It‘s extremely significant for me because it‘s pretty much the tape that gave me the confidence to start producing beats.

Were there any artists or producers that you discovered through this tape?

The artists that were featured were all mainstays of the SoundCloud/internet scene at the time (if you could call it that) – Lil Ugly Mane, J.K. the Reaper, Sortahuman and Main Attrakionz. Through the tape, I discovered the whole Raider Klan movement (which expanded to include the likes of Denzel Curry), as well as Metro Zu and obviously Ugly Mane, as well as many other artists.

Where exactly were you when you heard the mixtape for the first time?

I can‘t remember exactly but I was in high school in Reykjavík at the time.

Did it come into your life at a significant time?

It definitely did, because me and my group of friends had been rapping for some years and listening to a lot of eclectic and extreme music. Everything about the album was just so up my alley and when I heard it, it felt so underproduced yet powerful and affirmed to me that I should start producing.

How did the mixtape cover make you feel?

I‘m a horror geek and that voodoo-looking Southern Gothic cover (designed by Lil Ugly Mane) really made a mark on me. I thought that was the coolest shit I‘d ever seen. 

Describe the mixtape in three words?

Raw horror noir.

What song is your personal favourite?

Oof, that‘s a difficult one but I‘m gonna go with Fuck Taylor Gang (Not A Diss We Are Just Not Dickriders)

If you could put a price on this mixtape, how much would you pay?

$66.6, duh!

Did you have a physical copy?

No, as far as I know it was only released digitally.

Which is your favourite that you have a physical copy of?

Now is the time to squeeze in some promo so I‘m gonna go with ‘Lord Pusswhip is Rich’, my new tape!

You can stream ‘Lord Pusswhip is Rich’ here:

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