VIPER is delighted to premiere R&B songstress DEJA’s new video for her single, ‘Mulan’…

Hailing from Birmingham, DEJA has found her niche in the pocket between R&B, Neo-Soul and Pop music. Having grown up surrounded by a family of music enthusiasts, the singer’s cherished music for as long as she can remember; looking to the likes of Stevie Wonder, Destiny’s Child, Aaliyah and Usher as influences on her sound from a young age.

Exhibiting her natural lyrical flare, DEJA immediately harnesses you into her world whilst simultaneously transporting you out of your own. In the world of ‘Mulan’, DEJA is the fighter, the protagonist and the singer navigating the listener through the meanders of the track. Effortlessly fusing Pop and R&B genres, ‘Mulan’ is a perfect example of a growing space for female self-confidence and empowerment within the R&B genre.

In her own words, DEJA explains; “Much like Mulan, DEJA will ignore all rules to stand up for what she believes in. Long story short, don’t get in a bad bitches way. ‘Mulan’ reiterates what you already know; DEJA is the main character and you better treat her as such.”

Coming off the back of a successful 2021, ‘Mulan’ has placed DEJA in the driving seat for the remainder of the year, and fans should certainly be keeping a watchful eye on her outputs for the reminder of the year. DEJA is an artist on a mission, and ‘Mulan’ places her in a perfect position to complete it. 


Photo by Lily Sadin

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