Ever wanted to know the feeling and atmosphere on a music video set with truly one of the UK’s biggest breakout rappers? His popularity is soaring, his sound is transpiring across scenes from around the world, and with his fluid flows and fluent use of vocab from the roads mixed with the hometown slang of Birmingham, VIPER gets up close with M1LLIONZ on shoot day for his anticipated new release and anthem NGL, through the lens of local creatives NCAPPED.

We’re in Birmingham along with M1LLIONZ, his very own team members (TPM) posted up and carrying serious weight. Weight as in a seriously notable squad presence within the city. For the video of NGL, M1LLIONZ takes comfort in his parts of Birmingham, equally as gripping as notoriously known previous videos shot in Jamaica for Y PREE and Nairobi for Lagga. With the sight of several immaculate Lamborghini’s, and a dozen peds and scrambler bikes later, M1LLIONZ cues to the director and the show starts rolling. Caught exclusively for VIPER, creative unit NCAPPED capture the magic in motion. #NGL has spread like wildfire across social media, and the hashtag and caption mentions cannot be missed in anything M1LLIONZ at the current moment.

The anticipation is brewing, and as we sit tight for an official release, we get a sneak peak into the soon to be the official music video for M1LLIONZ – NGL. Captured by @ncapped.

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