From our early beginnings, VIPER has always had its eyes and ears rooted to the street and studios of the rawest underground talents and artists. Recognising sounds from far and wide, there is one individual climbing the scenes ladder with ease, and organically spearheading across the industry with a unique and bass-boosted in the U.K.

Get acquainted with Skaiwater, we explore the 21-year old young artist and musician in his hometown of Nottingham, captured by local but now global photographer & content curator Migg, we catch up with Skaiwater whilst his name is emblazoned across the many flyers of underground motives, collective rap shows in several cities within the UK. It’s not even the beginning he hints.

For those that don’t know, tell us who you are, and what you do? 

My name is Skai & I do everything.

What are the go-to things Skaiwater can’t live without?

I love clothes so, I can’t go outside if I’m not wearing one of my favourite pieces. I keep myself wrapped in either Prada, Feather Pendants, and entertained with music, there is not much else on me at all times.

In 3 words, how would you describe your sound? 

I would say it’s experimental, emotional, and the last one, that’s up to yall.

Do you feel that being from outside of London has impacted your career?

I feel like it impacted me positively. I’ve been able to move around the world without being tied down by London cliques or associations. & it’s been a blessing meeting my boys in my city because they are just as hungry to change the world of art as I am.

How did your passion for music begin?

My earliest memory, mixing my dad’s stems for fun at like 8 years old. His obsession with music was most def passed down to me. I have been living and breathing music in one way or another since I can remember.

Are there parts of the world you have yet to explore with your music?

I need to do shows in a lot of states. I’ve only really touched New York for a show, it feels like I was a kid when the pandemic started. But I want to lock in and focus on my core; so when I and my family pop out, the energy is felt in every city, every country.

What does next year have in store for you? 

Hopefully just more growth. As a person, as an artist, as a creative whatever. Learning about the world every day, learning about myself and others every day.

Skaiwater photographed by Migg, wearing Velvet Scars, Swear Ldn, Prolific official & Feather Pendants.

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