British cult streetwear label Unknown launched their first drop of 2022 on Sunday January 23rd at 8pm GMT through their D2C e-commerce platform at www.unknownlondon.com.

Included in this drop was their signature Rhinestone Tracksuit, reworked with silver-on-red dagger insignia. Since launch, Unknown has sold over 20,000 of their signature rhinestone tracksuits globally, with each release selling out within minutes. Over the past two years this piece has become a modern day coveted streetwear essential, instantly recognisable, and come to define the brand and their audience.

Unknown’s Rhinestone Tracksuit

Unknown was launched in 2016 through the creative collaboration of Calum Vineer and Joe Granger. The past year has been a breakout year for the brand experiencing 500% growth through instant sell-out drops of their signature styles often totalling more than 3,000 units per style per drop.

Unknown was forged in reaction to micro-trends and demand within their local network. Driving growth independently through instinct and intuition, Vineer and Granger have built a true modern fashion success story stocked in 30+ destination retailers across four continents alongside their enviably performing D2C channel at www.unknownlondon.com and hosting sold-out pop-ups with upwards of 1,000 customers per day. 

Unknown was built on community, and this remains at the heart of the brand with pop-ups, parties, competitions, and direct interaction with customers central to the brand’s founding philosophy. Their loyal social media following has been central to their success, doubling in following every 6 months since launch and regularly achieving up to 30,000 likes and 20,000 comments per post. The brand has rushed to expand the team, premises, and distribution infrastructure in-line with customer demand.

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