Levi’s® and BEAMS Go Super Wide for Spring/Summer 2022

BEAMS is an iconic Japanese brand famous for its quality, style, and creativity. With a long history of taking classic Americana and reimagining it through a Japanese lens, it seemed only natural to one day team up with Levi’s®, the world’s ultimate American clothing brand. That day came in 2019 with the first Levi’s® x BEAMS collaboration, and this season sees the third go round for this popular partnership thanks to a new lineup of Levi’s® x BEAMS jeans, Truckers, and a pocket tee. 

Each piece in the collection takes a classic Levi’s® silhouette and stretches it out into a Super Wide version. The Trucker is a riff on the Levi’s® Type I Trucker which is stretched out wide into a baggier fit. The jeans too are a Super Wide, baggy version of a classic button fly straight leg, as is the vintage style Levi’s® pocket tee. Beyond the fit, every element of the collection is Super Wide, including the pockets and the button fly on the jeans, the pocket on the tee, and the single pocket on the Trucker. 

The denim in the collection features a special stretched out BEAMS version of the classic back patch, with the Two Horse pull in Levi’s® red and the BEAMS logo in the brand’s iconic orange. The tee features a graphic print version of the stretched out back patch as well. Even the hang tags for the collection are a stretched out, co-branded version of the traditional Levi’s® hang tag. Co-branded elements include a special Levi’s® Red Tab, with the traditional red Levi’s® version on the front and the BEAMS brand orange on the back, and a special selvedge with BEAMS orange stitching—instead of red—on selvedge seams of the jeans and the Trucker. 

A vintage-inspired faded wash version of the Trucker and the jeans along with the pocket tee will be available through both Levi’s® and BEAMS, while a dark indigo rinse version of the Trucker and the jeans will be available exclusively through BEAMS. 


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