Kano, one of the UK’s most innovative and pioneering artists, today released a new short film titled ‘A Blessed Place’Exploring Kano’s Jamaican heritage and the story behind his recently launched 100% Jamaican Rum, Duppy White..

Directed by Aneil Karia, and shot in Kingston and Browns Town, ‘A Blessed Place’ is a love letter to Jamaica and explores how Kano’s own heritage and close family connection with the country formed the inspiration behind Duppy White, a new white rum created and founded by Kano in partnership with Duppy Share Caribbean Rums.

Aneil Karia previously worked with Kano when he directed ‘Trouble’, the powerful short film which accompanied the release of Kano’s critically acclaimed 2019 album ‘Hoodies All Summer’. The two artists also worked together on ‘Top Boy’. Karia’s debut feature ‘Surge’, starring Ben Whishaw, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival last year.

Karia reflects on the short film – “Collaborating with Kano is always a pleasure. Whenever we work together on a film – whether it’s fact or fiction – the M.O is always to capture the ‘reality’ as deeply as possible. With this piece, we wanted the viewer to be able to actually breathe in the Jamaica that Kano knows and loves. To make something intimate, personal…sensory”.

A Blessed Place’ sees Kano reflect his own personal experiences inform the creation of a rum that reflects the indisputable influence of Jamaican culture on the artist’s hometown of London and around the world. The creation of Duppy White saw Kano working across every element of the production, including the design, the taste and the story, to create a white rum with a smooth taste profile that draws from the best flavours that Jamaica has to offer. The acclaimed musician describes the process of creating a rum as similar to mixing a track, constantly tweaking the blend to get the perfect result. 

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