Feather Pendants‘ Native Spirit collection invites you into the wildly-driven creative minds of JAW, a collaborative duo of multidisciplinary providing a visionary view of the collection that’s rich in unique craftsmanship and spiritual essence. The thought-provoking campaign channels the jewellery brands’ want for you to discover your Native Spirit.

Native Spirit is a thirteen-piece offering of handmade & sterling silver, combining bold enamel colours and semi-precious stones. Modern creativity meets the timeless symbolism held by arrows and feathers representing strength, freedom, protection and spirit. In this collection, Feather Pendants forms a primaeval rhapsody of elements recognised by civilisations since time immemorial. Championing attractive pendants and necklaces, sleek rings and bracelets, highlighted pieces include the Feather Pendant & chain, a reinvention of the brands’ first-ever crafted pendant, handmade from 925 Sterling Silver and inlaid with an enamel arrow.

The line-up of hero pieces includes a statement bone bracelet with enamel detailing combined with an arrow ring sporting red garnet / blue topaz precious stones complete with intricate enamelling.

Feather Pendants pays homage to Kokopelli: A Native American urban legend known to cause ”Magic, mirth and mischief” as he travelled from village to village announcing the coming of spring with the playing of his flute. A very fitting piece to mark Feather Pendant’s summer collection.

FP brings the collection home and reimagines its first-ever pendant, the iconic Feather Pendant in a new light, handcrafted from 925 Sterling Silver and inlaid with an enamel arrow. A piece encapsulating who we are as a brand that recognizes courageous roots and liberty. The collection also includes a range of feather themed jewellery with a ring, earring and cuff bracelet.

Through 5 years of experience transforming inspirations into ideas, the Feather Pendants vision has been a showcase of sophisticated and refined designs. For those wearing the collection to embrace their own Native Spirit. A combination of timeless symbology meets modern design, taking key elements of our history and placing them on your finger.

The latest arrival of the ‘Native Spirit’ collection and official campaign launches today / 1st September 2021 – discover the collection via www.featherpendants.com

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