Amsterdam-based Daily Paper and Jamaica-born Unruly, founded and led by artist and entrepreneur Popcaan, have joined forces to create a one-of-a-kind capsule collection rich in heritage and purpose. The collaboration explores Daily Paper’s aim to unite global communities and Unruly’s aim to provide a sanctuary for like-minded creatives.

Launched as a fiercely independent collective based in Jamaica, Unruly Entertainment was founded in 2013 by Dancehall sensation Popcaan and has since built a widespread community across borders. Values reign supreme with integrity, family, excellence and trust deeply embedded in all that they do. Guided by the motto “Entertainment is Art”, Unruly is devoted to creating art that is embraced worldwide with respect and care. 

Community-driven Daily Paper equally fosters creativity among its kind while spotlighting heritage and unity. Given the overlap between the two brands’ values, this collaboration comes as a manifestation of what brings the two together.

Reflecting freedom, the capsule collection consists of 6 garments inspired by the Jamaican dirt bike culture. Each piece is adorned with unique prints and artworks and the colours of the styles are a reflection of the Jamaican flag.

Jamaican HeritageThe campaign features an exclusive music video created for the collaboration, that captures a day in a life with Popcaan and his family outside the home. A late-night gathering turns into a block function, taking the audience into the Unruly universe. The official music video premiered at the Daily Paper x Unruly launch event in their London flagship on August 30. Watch the teaser below for a sneak peek and pay attention to Daily Paper’s socials for the global video release on their YouTube.  
Director: Florian Joahn 
Creative Direction: Ayana Riviere, Izzy BossyJeanPaul PaulaKeanna WilliamsRyan Andre Christine
Stylist: JeanPaul Paula 
DOP: Christiaan van Leeuwen

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