On April 8th 2020, we lost an incredibly special artist. Hailing from Philadelphia, Chynna was a gifted rapper with a depth to her lyricism that is hard to come by.

She graced the pages of VIPER twice and became a regular face in the UK and Europe as she toured frequently throughout her career. Though she left us far too soon, she left a precious body of work, some of which has yet to be heard by fans.

This week her family announced news of a posthumous album from Chynna, titled ‘drug opera’, set to be released on August 20th, the day after what would have been her 27th birthday. The announcement comes with the first single from the project, ” the part two to a song featured on her 2017 project, ‘music 2 die 2’.

Speaking on the new album via a press release, they said: “It is with her family’s wishes that the music is released unaltered from her vision, including the project’s name. Minor production edits were made due to some clearance issues.”

R.I.P. Chynna Rogers

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