Dave announces his new album, the follow up to ‘Psychodrama’, is on the way this month…

The news follows two singles, ‘Mercury’ and ‘Titanium’, released in early April. The release revealed he was hard at work on a full length project, though he admitted neither track had made the cut, saying on ‘Mercury’, “This the shit that couldn’t make it to my album.” 

So far, we know that the release will be titled, ‘We’re All Alone In This Together’ and is set to drop on July 23rd. Not much else was revealed, besides the album cover, which can be seen below. 

As one of the most loved lyricists in the UK, this is highly exciting news, which has us speculating which of his familiar collaborators will make the cut. Maybe a sprinkle of J Hus? A scattering of Stormzy? Apparently yes, well at least when it comes to the latter, as the album release came with news of their latest collaboration, set to drop this Friday, July 9th.

We’ll keep you informed of further details as they come, in the meantime, go run up the Mercury Prize awarded, Brit Award winning album, ‘Psychodrama’.

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