On Friday Dior Men’s debuted the Spring Summer 2022 collaboration with Travis Scott at Paris Fashion Week.

Displaying all the class and elegance we expect of Dior, this line boasts an additional edge thanks to the Cactus Jack motifs embellished on jumpers and tees. Another incredible touch is the re-working of the classic Dior Oblique pattern, spelling out the word “Jack.”

This is the latest of many notable collaborations for Scott, following Nike and McDonalds recently. He spoke to WWD about this, and the experience working with Dior, saying “High-end, and even couture, has always even been in my metaverse of things I like. And I don’t think there’s even a difference going from McDonald’s to Dior. It’s just the things that I like in my natural state.”

He also mentioned how the collab with help his partnership with Parsons, “I always try to figure out a moment where we can use whatever comes from this to literally try to give back to the people that really need this stuff,” he added. “I launched this foundation with Parsons to help kids in Houston to attend that school. There’s way more creatives there. If they had the opportunity to experience these programs, get out their creative ideas, have a viewing for it, it would be amazing.”

Marking the label’s first full collection in collaboration with a musician, the head of designer at Dior, Kim Jones, has since commented on how the line came about. He told HYPEBEAST before the show, “I met Travis six years ago and we’ve been in constant touch since then.” He added “I started talking to Travis about the Foundation he wants to set up to allow students to go to college at Parsons School of Design that can’t afford to go and fulfil their dreams. So I thought it was nice to then talk to him and say, why don’t we do something together? Because then you’re working with a fashion brand and a couture house that can support this project as well.”

Speaking on the inspiration he said. “The inspiration came really from the meeting of the worlds of Christian Dior and Travis Scott, particularly their gardens. So the set is designed that you come from Travis’ garden in Texas to Christian Dior’s childhood garden in Granville.”

Check out the full Dior Man’s Spring Summer 2022 collection

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