One of our favourite OGs is Tremaine Emory, the founder of sportswear label Denim Tears, so we’re hype for this collab with Champion.

Titled “Champion Tears,” the latest collection boasts classic items from the Champion’s archive, including the letterman jacket, collegiate sweatshirts and tees.

The clothing was inspired by the critically acclaimed Alvin Ailey Dance Theater and their movement. The campaign video features stunning visuals of the theatre’s dancers, Samantha Figgins and Yannick Lebrun, moving in an empty Queens museum earlier this year, to the sounds of Gunna’s ‘Spending Addiction’. The pair also model in the lookbook, which features delicate graphics painted on jackets and bags, bearing the name of the theatre.

Launching in September via select retailers globally, peep the Champion Tears collection lookbook and video above.

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