Forever iconic, Pharrell takes another inspiring step as he embarks on a partnership with Chanel, which is set to offer interactive mentorship workshops to the Black Ambition prize finalists.

Exploring leadership through a woman’s lens, Pharrell Williams’ Black Ambition has linked up with French fashion powerhouse, Chanel, for this incredible project, pushing Black women forward in creative industry. The video reveals that the program will feature a panel called “Women Who Lead” with Tracee Ellis Ross, Medley co-founder Edith Cooper, Good American CEO and co-founder Emma Grede and Imaginary Ventures co-founder and partner Natalie Massenet. Pharrell added, “It’s important to have recognisable faces, and faces that represent brands that they build.” 

He added, “I am incredibly honoured by Chanel’s support of Black Ambition. Mentorship is a cornerstone of Black Ambition’s mission and is vital to the success of the next generation of Black and Latinx entrepreneurs.” The program will also offer “unprecedented access to the Chanel leadership community, as well as the brand’s network of experts that will help teach them the essentials of brand building skills for 21st century business,” which he noted was an essential part of the support given to mentees.

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