If the BAPE STAisn’t in your half fame, then I can’t trust you with my credit card…

Following on from 20th anniversary celebrations last year, this Spring A BATHING APE® drops a shiny spectrum of new camouflage colour ways. While A BATHING APE® has been setting trends since 1993, the BAPE STAis undoubtedly one of the most iconic pieces created by the legendary streetwear brand. Founded by Japanese designer, Nigo, there brand often referred to as “BAPE” is famed for ating recognisable branding in colour, pattern, and symbology.

Coming in low-key muted colours like the black, blue or green combinations, plus some bolder, eye-catching designs in  the red, purple or pink combos. Boasting shiny patent leather on  the upper area, heel and logo, these are sure to make you stand out from the crowd. They’re sure to sell out fast so set your alarms for May 29th and be first in line.

The Bapesta retails at £229/$279 via Bape.

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