Following their incredible link up on ‘Whipski’, VIPER caught up with $not and Lil Skies in Miami. While Skies had to hop in the whipski early, we grilled $not about his collaborator…

How long have you been cool with Lil Skies? 

$: A few months now. 

When did you first hear his music? 

$: I found Skies back in 2017 on Lyrical Lemonade. 

Besides ‘Whipski’, what’s your favourite Lil Skies song? 

$: My favourite song is ‘Lonely’ with Bans. 

What do you think is his secret weapon when it comes to making music? 

$: Skies’ melodies are hard. 

In the future, which artist would you like to hear Skies on a song with? 

$: I want to hear Skies and Tecca. 

If you could each pick one more artist to feature on a ‘Whipski’ remix, who would be the lucky guest? 

$: Hmmm that’s a tough one. Don Toliver or Lil TJay would be cool. 

The ‘Whipski’ video is wild! What was the highlight of shooting it? 

$: Both days of the shoot were cool but I didn’t like getting in the pool on the first night. 

In recent news, a UFO sighting was confirmed to be real. How do you feel about aliens currently? Any concerns? Or excitement? 

$: Wait…what? I fuck with aliens.

You get picked up by some alien baddies in the ‘Whipski’ video. If you were to go on a blind double-date with some hotties, how would you pick who would be each other’s date? 

$: We could flip a coin. 

If Viper was to treat you to a new Whipski, what Whipski would it be? Any custom features? 

$: I want a black AMG G-Wagon. 

Will you be working on more music together soon? 

$: I’m down. 

If you could only listen to one of each other’s songs for the rest of your life, what one would it be? 

$: ‘Whipski’ lol.

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