The change-driven art project, 4BYSIX is building bridges with fashion and art realms, challenging specific artistic collaborations to help address and change London’s homelessness issue. 

The ‘BREAK IN EMERGENCY’ art show from 4BYSIX hosted over 35+ collaborative artworks made by a combination of illustrious artists from across the world. Unveiled in West London’s famous Portobello Road JM Gallery, Founders Alex Dawber & Milo Phillips curated the space for public and private viewings, showcasing one-of-a-kind artworks made from actual London bus compartments. Collaborating with the likes of Dave WhiteChanoirDale GrimshawShepard Fairey / OBEY GiantThe London PoliceNathan Bowen, Fanakapan, & 35+ eye-opening and provocative artists taking part in the 3-day long gallery exhibition. 

What’s incredible, is that all artworks are made from actual pieces from a London bus, with 4BYSIX dismantling panels, parts and features from the buses to hand-over to artists to curate something truly unique. The artworks sold at the event will aid a current conversion of a London double-decker bus into a creative living space for homeless people in London with Buses4Homeless. In the meantime, we are sponsoring a bus handing out meals to homeless people in London during the pandemic.

Using creativity for good is a limitless concept. 4BYSIX want to take this far beyond what they have, not only helping homeless people in London but curating art connected to all sorts of good causes around the world. 

To get acquainted and find out more on the 4BYSIX art movement, visit www.4bysix.com and tap into our social media channels, @4bysix & @vipermagazine

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