Euro Gotit has always been a standout figure in Atlanta. After steadily putting in work for years, it’s really starting to pay off. Euro’s journey to get to where he is now wasn’t always easy. In 2012 he was incarcerated and facing two life sentences in jail. Since his release, Euro’s foot has been pedal to the metal. His individuality has landed him placements with big names like Gunna, Lil Baby, YFN Lucci, Yella Breezy and of course, label mate, Foogiano.

It’s only April but Euro has already had a prosperous 2021. On top of his EP ‘Foreign Affairs’ with Street Symphony, he has also done numerous guest features for other artists. But this is just the beginning of his 2021 takeover. Over the past few weeks, Euro and his team have been teasing a brand new track with Future. The appropriately named track, ‘Takeoff’, was recorded last month, along with a crazy music video to accompany it.

VIPER sat down with Euro Gotit in Atlanta to discuss the new single, Future’s late engineer Seth and working with Bangladesh. ‘Takeoff’ is set to release on May 14th. In the meantime, stream his project ‘Foreign Affairs’ and acquaint yourself with his extensive catalog. ‘Foreign Forever’ coming soon.

You posted a snippet on Instagram with you and Future, that song goes hard! Who produced it?

That was that song was actually produced by Bangladesh, who got five Grammys. He did ‘A Milli’ with Lil Wayne and stuff with Beyonce.

Have you worked with him before?

I worked with Bangladesh a few times before, I was actually thrilled the first time I met him! The way he embraced me, he was humble and stuff like that. It was unreal, something I definitely value. We established the relationship, he’ll send me beats and stuff. It was like he always believed in me. One thing led to another, that beat ended up being the one.

Why did you choose Future for the feature?

Why not? That’s legendary status! Wouldn’t that be everybody’s dream?

I mean there are a lot of artists out there you could have chosen, especially from Atlanta.

Facts, I definitely agree. Future’s just definitely one that I look up to. One thing that inspires me from an artist standpoint is that I’m not so much moved by an artist’s music, but being an artist myself I’m more moved by the way that they push through to make it to the status they’re at now. Being able to understand Future’s story and seeing the story first hand is like, damn. It’s really possible. I admire that a lot and I got a lot of respect for Future among a lot of other greats that pushed through and became superstars.

Why the name ‘Takeoff’?

It was actually when I listened to the beat, the way in which the beat was set up. It was made around a catchy saying. Listening to the last line of what I said, I was just like, you know what? Take off, take off, take off! I just kept saying it. I was like, that’s it.

Was this a song that you guys worked on virtually or did you guys link up in the studio to record it together?

I had recorded my part, then we linked up and that’s when he added his verse. Honestly, the energy was matched. I’m in the studio with Future, and Future’s excited about the song. He’s rocking with it. It was crazy because it ain’t really hit me that I was standing next to Future. It wasn’t until we were standing at the counter and he looked at me and was like, “Bro you got a hit on your hands. This shit is hard.” That’s when it hit me. He was vibing, knowing the song, he sang the words. It was a lot of support and it meant a lot. That’s one of the most memorable moments that I live with.

It makes sense the love that he showed. I understand artists like Lil Baby, Future and Drake. They know how to play the game. When they see a certain artist they don’t look at it as competition. Any time that you can inspire somebody else and you could feed off their energy, you can evolve yourself. Drake has a formula that I love so much. Drake can get on anybody’s stuff, but with the new up and coming artists, he hops on it and builds them up as well. Future being a superstar, he showed a lot of love, dropped some jewels and all that.

There’s a moment in the video where Future talks to you about his late engineer Seth, what was he talking about?

R.I.P. Seth. So I’m at the mixing board with Future. After my verse go off, I don’t know how far into the hook it was, but before Future verse drop, the song started back over. Me trying to be considerate and be respectful. I’m like, “oh skip the song go back to your verse right quick so you can hear yourself.” He said “Nah don’t do that, that’s the spirit bro.” I was like, “OK” but not quite sure what he meant. Future said, “no seriously that’s the spirit.” I’m one of those people where I be in tune with what’s going on. So when people speak from a spiritual point of view, a lot of time I can tune in and tap into them. So I was like, “OK, I do believe in spirits.” That’s when he broke it down. He was like, “yeah that’s Seth, that only happens when it’s a hard ass song. When it’s a hit, Seth replays it.” R.I.P. Seth. I was like, ‘oh he for real’. I ain’t gonna lie it was a crazy night for real.

I feel like your other works are more melodic, but on this one you got hard hitting bars, just straight raps. What made you decide to switch it up for this one?

I get comfortable. Initially when I started rapping I was always more of a hard rapper. A lot of time I use that tone, I’m usually talking about violence or anything that match that energy and tone. One thing I’ve always been kind of trying to get away from, I believe you attract what you put out. I wanted to switch it up. Do stuff for women. Do stuff that’s fun. It’s crazy how the universe works. As soon as I heard the beat, the 808s, I’m like damn this sounds like something Future would get on; so I took off. You’ll notice something at the end of the song that’s familiar all throughout the song. It’s crazy, Future and I had a talk about it, about why the song ended the way it did.

Do you think that you’d like to work with Future again?

I told Future at the video shoot “I got a whole other one waiting for you.” He let me know whats up, let me know what we’re doing. Everything’s set to drop the same date, I ain’t gonna keep y’all waiting. You got to wait for a little bit but it’s like Christmas, you’re gonna get everything when it drop.

‘Foreign Forever’ coming soon, be on the lookout.



Interview by Calvin Schneider

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