On the release day of his new project, ‘Progression: Glory Days, Pt. 2’, South London rapper Vic Santoro breaks down his favourite mixtape of all time, courtesy of Meek Mill…

What’s your favourite mixtape ever?

My favourite mixtape is Meek Mill’s ‘Dreamchasers’.

Were there any artists or producers that you discovered through this tape?

I found out about Jahil Beats the producer.

Where exactly were you when you heard the mixtape for the first time?

I first heard the tape when I was on holiday on the Isle of Sheppey.

Did it come into your life at a significant time?

Yes the timing was very significant, I had lost passion for doing music briefly and that project made me realise how important it is to tell my story in my own way.

How did the mixtape cover make you feel?

I had the tape on an SD card so I didn’t really know what the cover looked like.

Did you have a physical copy?

Nope [laughs].

No? Which is your favourite that you have a physical copy of?

Swiss ‘Pain And Music’.

Describe the mixtape in three words?

Inspiring, motivational and brilliant.

What song is your personal favourite?


If you could put a price on this mixtape, how much would you pay?

It’s hard to put a price on timeless art.

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