Setting the pace for a new year, with new energy. Accelerating artist and rap musician ‘Mace The Great‘ holds his acclaimed title true to his core as he spawns a new gripping video release and anticipated UK Rap anthem ‘Going Off’. 

A return for the Cardiff City rap royalty, whose taking his vision far further than the cities proximity as he destines for the top spot position, ‘Going Off’ is a realistic expression of Mace’s uncontrollable urge to fulfil his ultimate potential. Mace The Great emanates notable grit and energy in the hard-hitting anthem ‘Going Off’, translating his artistry by broadcasting his tunnel vision with levels well and truly set. 

Mace The Great Photographed By Marcus Georges (@inco)

‘Going Off’ debuts an insight to Mace The Great’s upcoming and much-anticipated 8 track EP, justly titled ‘My Side Of The Bridge’. Commonly known as ‘MTG’, Mace sets the pace for 2021 by proving his lyrical stripes, easing us into a triumphant body of work with a hard-hitting video release for ‘Going Off’, echoing his voice to be heard from his side of the bridge. 

The visuals grip interests from the jump, Mace The Great posing as Cardiff’s most exciting and fresh talents, shows justice with this enthralling release of true passion and hustlers grit. Following successful releases of singles BRAVE & ESTABLISHED last year, Mace tells us to tap in and tells his story that saw the Cardiff native championing his home city, and showed no signs of slowing down. 

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