Check out the brand new campaign from FILA, ‘Find Your Freedom’… 

Bringing a very relevant perspective to the campaign, FILA raises awareness of the struggles faced by DJs and nightclubs, with many sharing their own personal experiences. 

With over a decade’s experience stamping across nightclub floors, FILA continue to explore the love affair between sportswear and the rave scene, in addition to the draw of the DJ and our natural reaction to let loose when great music hits us. 

The setting for this stunning campaign is the iconic nightclub Fabric, in London’s Farringdon. With the musical maze currently standing empty, it allowed these 5 epic DJ’s a platform to share their music, chat about the freedoms that they’ve lost, and how they’ve been getting through it.

With a line-up of DJ’s spanning more than three decades; featuring rave scene legends ‘Ratpack’, Leeroy from the Prodigy, YAZZUS, LCY, and DJ Oneman.

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