London-founded, street raised Jewellery brand Feather Pendants unveils an experimental entry for 2021 by releasing the profound Marble Capsule. The unconventional jewellers highlight the provocative and compelling design of marble, using the framework of its famous resin cuban chains reimagined with fine grains and unique beauty.

Feather Pendants presents a generous offering of six variants of the Marble Capsule resin chains, which are additionally partnered with bracelets and finished with bright, polished traditional clasps. Every resin cuban holds irregular vein patterns scripting a taste of playful luxury giving each piece a unique character. 

The Marble Capsule draws its inspiration from architecture, sculpture and fine exteriors of the ancient Romans and Greeks who used marble for its unparalleled beauty. Feather Pendants has translated this adoring marble pattern into a wearable piece of jewellery that fuses the widely recognised cuban chain with ancient architectural history. 

Feather Pendants debuts its first release of the year with a full-line up of six marble effect resin cuban chains and bracelets arrive in Crimson, White, Brown, Green, Beige & Navy. 

The newly released ‘Marble Capsule’ unveils cuban chains priced at £75/$95 and bracelets £45/$60, all of which are now available online at www.featherpendants.co.uk – Stay connected with all the latest style news and anticipated releases from Feather Pendants by following @vipermagazine @featherpendants

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