West-London producer p-rallel teams up with vocalist Lauren Faith on latest track ‘Blue Denim Jeans’. The single is available to download and stream now via all available platforms. 

With p-rallel’s laid-back r&b beats providing the perfect backdrop to Lauren’s soulful and melodic vocals, the synergy between the two is palpable. Although lyrically it’s a melancholic track, the sonics feel like a warm hug during a bleak time, one that will have you daydreaming of carefree times. “When the first lockdown happened I got really down for a while. I felt really lonely and I guess we have all at some point in our lives wanted to escape,” Lauren recalls. “This song is about me battling with those feelings, over-indulging in red wine, and letting it temporarily defeat me. Meeting Gio and writing this tune definitely helped to pull me out of the rut I was in.” Whilst p-rallel adds in, “it had been a while since I’d made a proper r&b tune so linked up with Lauren for the first time and feel we really hit the spot in terms of what I wanted to find sonically.” states p-rallel. 

Both based in London, it was only a matter of time before the two artists paired up. 21-year-old p-rallel has been grafting for the past couple of years, releasing his second EP ‘Soundboy’ featuring Greentea Peng, Nayana IZ and Lord Apex in 2020 to critical acclaim, not stopping his acceleration to becoming one of the next generation superstars during a period where he had to down tools as a DJ. As for Lauren Faith, she had been honing her craft as a songwriter and producer, working with the likes of Kaytranada before stepping into the limelight as a solo artist in her own right with her self -produced debut EP receiving plaudits from the likes of Complex and The Line of Best Fit for its “catchy hooks and irresistible pop melodies.” The future is bright for these young creatives. 

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