Caviar Gabe’s new single ‘In the room’ speaks of living a life at full speed, forgetting about the value of oneself when pursuing a ‘live fast, die young’ lifestyle.

Following his earlier release ‘Heartstrong’ which independently racked up over 20k streams within two months on Spotify, the bass-booted single ‘In The Room’ shows off Caviar’s ability to switch up pace and say it all with his chest. Rap’s forever been one of the greatest forms of expression, Caviar Gabe holds that evident lyrically whilst riding a melodic beat offering momentous new-year energy for 2021.

Caviar Gabe using his words and creativity to encapsulate his past experiences and struggles growing up as a mixed-race child in South Africa, now an artist, vision for a brighter future due to announce his Debut EP in Summer 2021

Caviar Gabe Wears Helmut Lang

‘Sometimes to slow down is the only way to see the world around you and define your presence on this earth, living every step of the way and not just living in an unconscious motion.’ – Caviar Gabe 

With singles arising from June 2021 onwards, the highly-anticipated, soon to be announced EP amplifies his lyrical suave, sweet melodies and true-life stories, translated through mellow Hip-Hop, alternative flairs of Jazz, hinting a shimmer of rock and soul. 

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