New-age brand Ferino, a label born to champion the lack of high-quality, heavyweight, and simplistic design in an accessible space that is today’s streetwear climate, has unveiled a premium MA-1 Bomber Jacket emblazoned in their notable Season One details.

Illustrated in the latest campaign to catapult the new arrivals of three statement MA-1 Bomber Jackets, Ferino drives an experimental play of its ‘season one’ Arc logos on both jet black and khaki colourways of a premium MA-1 Bomber.

Offering three styles affirming Ferino’s debut collection fronts the true identity of the brand, an extension of its initial FPWL season one range. Debut activewear in a diverse line up from Ferino delivers
a firm in shape and desired oversized fit which hugs the waist and shoulders, an ideal outfit maker for the sharp, frosty start of 2021.

The name, Ferino is Italian for the word ‘Feral”, meaning a species born in the wild, accustomed to life with no rules and no boundaries. Developing smoothly on its brand journey, Ferino at a very young age is
spearheading at an alarming rate – standing firm through the global pandemic due to its no cut-corners approach to quality control serving its now global community.

The abbreviated ‘FPWL’ collection accelerated at light speed in a short space of time collaborating with selected music talents like GRM Daily Rated Award Winner Tion Wayne, Ramz, Macca Wiles, and more. The spirit of Ferino is reflected through the brands work ethic and brave decision to debut during a worldwide pandemic, get acquainted with Ferino, the UK brand launched in lockdown, now making its way around the world.

Ferino has announced a release date for the highly-anticipated MA-1 Bomber Jackets. Launched online with all three styles in two tasteful colourways on Friday 15th January ’21, on www.ferino.co.uk at 6 pm GMT.

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