The seamlessly minimal and luxurious ‘ESSENTIALS’ label from Jerry Lorenzo’s Fear Of God unveils it’s globally anticipated drop 02 titled “California Winter”. Prepared to be spoilt for choice with seasoned earthy tones across a generous offering. Comfort, Simplistic design and quality are sustained at the forefront of ‘Fear of God’s American luxury agenda, opening to an accessible and compromising change in contemporary fashion.

Affirming the extensive and tasteful collection made up of 62 pieces in total, Jerry Lorenzo breaks this down leading with graceful tones of buttercream, sage, moonstruck, oatmeal, camel and heather greys. Championing all hues from above are charming french terry long-sleeve polo’s, stand-out handwoven knitted hoodies, comforting fleeces and jersey’s, thermal layers, lounge pants, and pre-summer lounge shorts, all branded with an “ESSENTIALS” seal of approval.

The recent reveal of contemporary loungewear also showcases some more weather-appropriate styles, for when you do step out into the world with style and covid caution. Sporting on-season puffer jackets, zip-up tracksuits and half-zip fleeces in the expected subdued tones and earthy hues from ‘ESSENTIALS’.

To complement the fully-fledged line up of Fear Of God entertain denim lovers with two heroic wardrobe additions of a denim trucker jacket and jeans in indigo washes two wats, light and distressed washes to play the role of timeless staples deservingly.

The ‘ESSENTIALS’ line dominates our social media, a hard to miss statement worn and adored by the world’s most relevant artists, musicians, style lovers, and fit makers in all corners of the world. It’s no surprise its first release of the year is one of its biggest yet.

Drop 2 of the Fear of God ESSENTIALS “California Winter” 2020 collection is available at select retailers worldwide.

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