With Dilla Month approaching, BBE is dropping a special 7” 45 vinyl box set and digital album to celebrate the 20th anniversary of J Dilla‘s stunning debut studio album, ‘Welcome 2 Detroit’…

Set for release on February 5th, the anniversary edition features instrumentals of the tracks, as well as brand new interpretations of some of the songs, plus a book written by British author and filmmaker John Vanderpuije.

Speaking on the release, J Dilla’s mother Ma Dukes said, “I’m real happy that Welcome 2 Detroit was done by BBE. Because I don’t think another label would have helped him embrace his full creativity and given him the control to make it a piece of who he was!” She continues, “because of BBE he was able to pour more of himself into it, into every bit of music on this album. His spirit lives in Welcome 2 Detroit. It’s him! Alive and thriving in every song!”

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