Karl Kani have launched their ‘Can I?’ campaign, which celebrates the journey to success, the hard work, determination, and self-belief which goes into achieving it. At VIPER, we love how the iconic clothing brand is sending a positive message to the world that ‘We Can Do This’ when many of us are questioning ‘Can I?’ during these uncertain times.

The campaign launched with a short film from Karl Kani recalling his journey as a young Brooklyn boy with a dream, to becoming the Godfather of streetwear, dressing greats such as Tupac, Biggy, Snoop, Dr. Dre, Nas, Diddy, Aaliyah, Wu-Tang, Lil Kim and Rihanna.

Karl Kani’s film will be followed by a series of short films spotlighting UK creatives that have followed a similar journey to Karl, in pursuing their passion as a career, driven by their self-belief to overcome challenges. Creatives include Ghanaian artist, Koby Martin, photographer and hair empowerment activist, Tori Taiwo, skateboarder/entrepreneur and mother, Stephani Nurding, grime MC and LGBTQ+ activist, RoxXxan, hip hop/spoken-word artist, Silai Estatira, South London dancer, Kanah Flex, and Dukes Cupboard co-founder, Milo Harley.

Karl Kani curated the Can I? Campaign to showcase the endless diversity and self-expression of individuals, past and present, who have worn the brand, from musicians to artists, skaters, athletes, the known to the undiscovered. The campaign seeks to highlight the unique creative spirit of communities and subcultures with a hyper-local portrayal of diversity and self-expression inherent in cultural neighbourhoods throughout the world, celebrating the journey to success and the power of self-belief.

Find out more at www.karlkani.com


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