The London based and proud to be bedroom-born brand turned global
community has announced its most experimental collection to date for the Fall/Winter 2020 season titled ‘Colour Machine.

The illusive artwork designed by PHUG in the South of France, inspired by the art movements of Bauhaus and Des Stijl with the colour palette straight out of 80s Lego Land. This winter PHUG seeks design influences from Russian Constructivism as well as the knitwear fashion of The Shining. Surpassing illustrative design norms, if you take a closer look you’ll notice a third eye graphic coming from the brain, specifically in the brain’s Pineal Gland, which historically is visually connected to The Third Eye. In full discovery mode, PHUG explains the pineal gland was known as the seat of the spirit or the soul.

Well-travelled overseas with New-Era Pop Billboard Artist Boy Pablo, PHUG complete the year with the most developed collection of its time. In true PHUG style, the campaign highlights the brand’s family tree seen flaunting the new season knitwear, graphic t-shirts, corduroy and selection of accessories championing caps, Trinket tray, socks, masks and a brand new sticker pack.

Exploring with Chenille and embroidery patches, PHUG unveils pairs of season-perfect corduroy dropping with an enlarged ‘PHUG’ Chenille patch on the rear and two stitched-on and illustrated by hand designs on both left and right pockets. The slack cords straddle Olive, Brown, Black and Navy colourways to be sported with the accompanying knitwear options. The ‘Colour Machine’ Knitwear sports Maple & Royal Blue variations following suit with a hat-trick of skater tees launching in Black, Gold & Red with open-white stitch detailing.

In the accessories realm sits a forever playful ‘Colour Machine’ cap revealed in a chocolate brown with an open-white stitch trim, sleek graphic ceramics in the form of an ashtray, hand-made re-washable face masks, embroidered rugs for the home to stand on in the new season “Keep Off The Grass” Socks in Indigo-Pink, White-Teal and Brown-Teal.

Now available on www.phug.co.uk – stay connected with the latest style news by following us on social media @vipermagazine @phuggers

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